Subcoal® Production FRM

The first stand alone Subcoal® production facility was built in 2010 in Farmsum, the Netherlands. The plant is located in the north east of the Netherlands, allowing easy access to port facilities for export opportunities.

Since 2013 N+P has taken a majority share in the production facility and in 2017 N+P acquired the complete shares of the companies. From this period, the plant has seen many upgrades and improvements.

Currently the plant operates 24/7, 365 days per year which allows an input capacity of approx. 120,000 tons of non-recyclable paper-plastic waste feed streams, with an output capacity of approx. 70-80,000 tons of high quality Subcoal® pellets.

The facility has been used for several R&D studies which have assisted in the development of Subcoal® production and process applications for the last 5 years. From this location various process applications across the world have been supplied with a first batch of Subcoal® to allow testing and trialing.


Subcoal® Production FRM

Subcoal® Production FRM

Kranssteenweg 2

9936 TH Farmsum, The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 596 635500 - F: +31 (0) 596 635509

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