The specification is always depended on the wishes of the end-users. Typical specifications as follows:

Net calorific value (as received): > 22.000 kJ/kg
  > 9000 Btu/pound
  > 5.250 kcal/kg
Ash content: <12 W.-%
Moisture: <5 W.-% DW
Chlorine: <0,8 W.-% DW
Sum Heavy Metals: <800 mg/kg
TOC: >50 W.-% DW
Biomass: >50 W.-% DW
Volatiles: > 60%
Carbon: > 50%
Typical physical size (unground): Ø 8 mm (length < 40 mm)
Typical physical size (ground): < 5mm
Density: 400-450 kg/m³
Subcoal® shows hydrophobic behaviour, the pellets repel water and have been stored outside at several installations. 


Stable product


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